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This project took too long. The plans and video came from Fine Woodworking magazine, and were first rate. I rarely use plans in my projects and it was a pleasure not to spend a lot of time in design – and worrying that things might not work out.

First, I decided to hand cut the dovetails, all of them. The cabinet and door sides are made from 7/8” maple. A new set of good chisels, well sharpened, made it much easier. The cabinet is 42×28 x 10 1/2” with doors 4” deep, so there was a lot of chisel work.

Both doors house internal doors that double the capacity. The upper section of the cabinet has internal doors that provide additional storage. Sooo, I still have room for additional tools.

I used birch plywood to give the bland maple a little color (good grief – birch plywood from HD ain’t what it used to be). I also decided to add some character by veneering the doors with walnut. Finish is a coat of satin lacquer.

It is supported by a clever french cleat, which is really the 1/2” plywood back. The lower part of the back, separated from the top by the solid shelf below the plane till, forms the part attached to the wall, and the upper back is secured to the cabinet. Using the back as the cleat parts allows a flush fit against the wall. The shelf has through tenons into the sides for extra strength.

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