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I am about to finish my very first big project, a dovetail chest for my son, and I needed to train on three specific things.

I wanted to train on the mitter cuts with my table saw jig, train on the moulding making, and train on the stain and varnish finish.

As I have leftover poplar from the chest I decided on a small hammer coat hook for my father’s birthday. I really loved the idea of the hammer coat racks when I first saw them and this was the perfect occasion to overdo it and experiment a bit.

I did a quick dentil jig for my crappy router table and realized how difficult it is to clean up the dentils once they are made, but making the whole moulding part was fun. I learned how crucial was the use of featherboards (that I had to build quick and dirty after a first disastrous moulding attempt). The wole thing was made with 2 different sizes ogee bits and a straight one.

The mitters went okayish but my jig is definitively not accurate enough and the staining part is a disaster on the moulding, plain parts are ok.

As the black resin on the hammer’s head was really too obvious, I’ve cut a little bit of wood to hide it, glued with epoxy.

I was scared of the varnishing part with the brush but it was much easier than expected.

I made two attachments at the back with some special router bit and I used for the first time a branding iron I had made for cheap in China with my family coat of arms, it turned out superb.

This might look OTT, made without a plan, but all in all I really enjoyed making this little thing and I will now finish the big project with more confidence.

Many thanks for reading my broken english, and thanks again for the inspiration!

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