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WooDesigner Contest – Enter Now To Win Great Prizes

CONTEST RUNS FROM JULY 12, 2016 – JULY 19, 2016 Who doesn’t like free stuff? I know I do. In fact, Here at Woodesigner we have been contacting various companies and communicating with them online about giving away their products here on my site! One company that I...
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Hanging Tool Cabinet

This project took too long. The plans and video came from Fine Woodworking magazine, and were first rate. I rarely use plans in my projects and it was a pleasure not to spend a lot of time in design – and worrying that things might not work out. First, I decided to...
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Building A Simple Bookcase With Minimal Tools

Do you display photos and books on a few boards being held up with cinder blocks or bricks? If so, then I have some great news for you. To build a bookcase or book shelves, you aren’t required to be a master woodworker, carpenter, or designer. You can be even the most...
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Coat Hook with moulding and a small shelf

I am about to finish my very first big project, a dovetail chest for my son, and I needed to train on three specific things. I wanted to train on the mitter cuts with my table saw jig, train on the moulding making, and train on the stain and varnish finish. As I have...
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Montana Bench

The Montana bench 2016: Catalpa, Copper, Bocote. 17” X 72” x 18”. Finish is an oil / varnish mix made by Timberwerks Studio. Joinery is M&T. More photos of the bench and the build can be seen here: --...
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Making A Sanding Drum

Contributed By: Aschi’s Workshop Owner: Peter Aschi Website: Learn More About Peter: It’s easy to go to the hardware store or tool shop to purchase a drum sanding kit – if they are available. But if the product you need were always...
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Beginner’s Guide To Woodworking: 5 Skills You Need to Know

Many people will often shy away from various woodworking projects just because they assume they’ll have to buy tools worth thousands of dollars, or simply because they haven’t tried it before. In actual sense, having some woodworking skills can be a great substitute...
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Custom Walnut Backlit LED Sign

Hey, guys! I just finished up a custom backlit LED sign I made for my logo. It’s a walnut frame with LEDs around the edge that shine on a piece of etched glass I cut with a CNC laser. You can check out the full post on how I made it...
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New cutting board for me

[unable to retrieve full-text content]A new design for me. It’s not perfect but it’s growing on me and some different. Thanks for looking! Woodworking Projects at Read...
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Push Shoes, Blocks, And Sticks – Importance Of Design And Use

The finger looks terrible but I put it up for a reason. Many woodworkers go their whole life without ever cutting their finger on a table saw. Some say it is just luck of the draw, but that is rarely the case. The plain fact is there is no such thing as over...
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wood-103Woodworking as well as the New Woodworker

Each and every week, I put in the time to review the remarks that my visitors make about my woodworking blog site. First off I desire to them for making the effort to comment, I truly appreciate every one of the comments as well as ideas. This previous week there was a comment from a gent, that revealed a wish to get right into woodworking. As a man that is enthusiastic about woodworking, I intend to welcome him to the layer. As well as I intend to offer him all the suggestions as well as encouragement possible in his undertakings.

Over this past weeknd I happened to invest a long time in the store of another woodworker, and he and I reached speaking concerning the problems that a brand-new woodworker faces. The more we spoke, the more we became convinced that several new woodworker really make it harder on themselves to end up being an effective woodworker compared to required. Now I recognize that you are not reallying going to let me obtain away with making a declaration like that without some explanation.

Moving into woodworking

There are typically 2 methods that a person moves into woodworking. The very first group of individuals is those that expanded up in an atmosphere that included woodworking. These are the men and also gals whose papa, grandfather, or other loved one or next-door neighbor was involved in woodworking. And as time went on, they either inherited their woodworking tools from these folks, or since woodworkers are an opinionated team, possessed already found out the significance of having quality devices. My remarks do not put on this group.

They do nevertheless use to a second group of new woodworkers. This is the team that consists of those who eventually make a decision for whatever reason that they desire to end up being a woodworker. Maybe it’s since they possess just moved into a new house and see numerous tasks that they could take on, so they enjoyed woodworking. Whatever the motivation, I feel that there is absolutely nothing incorrect keeping that suggestion; actually I believe it’s great. But exactly what frequently occurs next is the trouble. The new woodworker is confronted with a predicament. As all of us know, to do woodworking he or she should invest some difficult money into the tools that woodworking calls for. However not being 100% certain that they will actually take pleasure in woodworking they think twice to spend the money to buy high quality tools. And also this I feel is where they establish themselves up for failure.

wood-101Novice woodworkers

When starting out, most novice woodworkers will typically opt for the smaller, lighter much less costly device, be it a tablesaw, miter saw or whatever device is required to enhance their workshop. In their reasoning, it doesn’t make feeling to spend the cash on a pricey tool when they are unsure that they will truly such as doing woodworking. And I could understand that line of thinking. But when they attempt to make that accurate cut with this tool, the outcomes are usually much less compared to ideal. Why? Well there might be a plethora of factors, the woodworker didn’t establish the device up appropriately, or the blade/bit was dull, the wood had not been protected appropriately or maybe just possibly the device was not with the ability of making the preferred cut. But since this happened with an amateur woodworker, there is a really likelihood that the woodworker will certainly criticize their own skills instead of seeing that the problem perhaps with the device.

At this point, a couple of things could occur, the woodworker could take the time to diagnose the issue and realize that the device, not they are at fault. Or they can just offer up woodworking, since they feel that they simply can’t do it. That they don’t have the skills needed to be a good woodworker. And also this is truly as well bad. Yes, I understand about the old proverb that a craftsman doesn’t condemn his devices. Yet there are times that the tool is the genuine wrongdoer.

My suggestions

Returning to the man who intends to get involved in woodworking, my suggestions would be to prevent the economical devices. I am not promoting getting the most expensive device. I am supporting buying the very best device. Take the time to investigate the tools entirely. Consider any kind of among the wide range of woodworking blog sites for their testimonials or talk about devices. I understand for assurance that any type of woodworker who is unhappy with the efficiency of a tool will certainly see to it that any individual that will certainly pay attention knows their feeling about that device. Also, if they have had an excellent encounter with a particular device, they will certainly allow you know that also.

Simply to make clear, my comments regarding taking the time to locate the very best tool, based on all aspects not simply rate, uses to all devices. A cheaply created hand device could cause just as several headaches for the woodworker a similarly bad power tool.

If you try woodworking as well as discover that it just isn’t your thing, that’s alright. Woodworking isn’t really for everybody. I simply don’t want any person to stop attempting woodworking since they have bad tools.

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